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Ivy Cook’s 100th Birthday Celebrations

Bingo is a game that brings us all together, and has the capability to bring together entire communities in a night of laughter, fun and potential riches. It’s a great game that has really taken off worldwide, and it’s prominence across Europe in particular has really made a big difference to the overall standing of social games like bingo. Well, for one bingo fan there has been a little bit more excitement at her bingo hall than usual, as she was able to take part in a brilliant special game that was set up for her 100th birthday.

Ivy Clarkson

A regular visitor to the same bingo hall since 1992, turning up once a week, Ivy Cook was able to take on a big game in her honor at the local Mecca Bingo. They picked her up from her home to take her for one free game, and then gave her a nice ride back home to cap it all off. It’s always nice to hear about things like this and it does make a big difference to the overall perception of the game. It’s recognized for its friendly nature and this makes a massive difference to those who are looking to enjoy the game in all of its glory.

A 100th birthday is something to celebrate, too, and kudos to her local Mecca Bingo hall for going to all of that trouble. They even got her a specific bingo-themed birthday cake and some flowers – it was set up by the manager, Paul Hornigold, and his team at the bingo and it really has to be said that this is such a fantastic gesture.

Bingo is always producing stories that can make the heart warm, and this is no different – it’s a story everyone can love!

emerald city and the yellow brick road

Is The Latest Ruby slippers Slot Any Good?

Ruby slippers slot is one of the most famous and most played licensed and fully branded slot machine game. It is created by the WMS stable of the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot. Hot on its heels is the completely revamped version of the slot machine game, Ruby Slippers Slot 2, which is said to be even more appealing than the original game.

Where to Play the Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers 2 Slot Game

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers 2 slot is found in many land-based casinos, and it is proving to be a hugely popular slot and one that players are warming to it in large numbers. It can also be played online. Many videos exist too of players showing their big wins in land based casinos which can be quite inspirational to watch.

The Basics

The Ruby Slippers Slot 2 machine is a 40 payline slot with the usual five video reels. It features a range of video animations which are displayed as you play the slot, so you will get totally immersed in the game, more so if the audio settings on the slot machine are turned on and turned up. You can play for the stake levels of your own choosing for the coin settings and a number of lines and coins per line you wish to play. They are easily changeable via the control buttons which are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

What’s Unique with Bonus Features?glinda the good witch from the wizard of oz

When playing the base game at random, you may be awarded one of the special and very unique Witch themed bonus games. For example, the Glinda the Good Witch bonus feature, which makes one or more the reels go completely wild—of course, you will be hoping she turns all of the reels wild to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot.

When playing the base game completely at random, you could be awarded the Wicked Witch feature. It makes a set of multiple reels come into play and possibly hundreds of one type of reel symbol can be added to the reels to increase your chances of winning higher payouts.

Look out for those Ruby Slippers appearing and clicking together during any of the above two bonus game features as it could be a sign of a large additional multiplier coming into play, increasing your chances of a winning a higher payout some of which you’ll see on this online portal focused primarily on the Ruby Slippers slot game.

Being Awarded Free Spins

When playing the base game, you can be awarded a set of free spins. What makes Ruby Slippers Slot 2 free spins unique is that you will also be working your way along the famous Yellow Brick Road as those free spins are all playing out.

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot 2 is going to be one massive slot machine adventure soon. If you have experienced playing the original ruby slippers slot of the game, then this second version is going to blow you away. It has been designed as something of a high variance type of slot, therefore, at any time, you could trigger a potentially massive paying bonus game feature. You may find you get too immersed in the slot when playing, so do keep a level head and never get tempted to spend more than you can afford.

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Bet365 A Complete History

The internet has opened up a whole new breed of bookmakers. Bet365, however, is not a new comer in this sector. The company; one of the biggest online betting platforms, has been around since 2001. However, the History of traces back all the way to 1974. Apart from being one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, also has the illustrious record of being one of the only platforms to have kept its headquarters within the region. Most bookmakers have moved their operations offshore.

The History of How it all began

In 1974, Peter Coates, a businessman invested in the catering industry at the time, bought several betting shops in the UK. From these purchases, Coates formed the Provincial Racing Chains. Slowly, he went on to acquire a few more shops in his journey towards fortune. Back then, there was very little in the way of evidence as to just how big would eventually turn out.

Coates gave his daughter, Denise, who was then a teenager, a chance to work as a cashier in one of his many betting shops. Denise went on to complete her degree and was later on hired by her father as the chains manager. Being an ambitious, forward thinking young woman, Denise was determined to improve the family business. As the 20th century came to a close, Denise noticed just how popular online betting was becoming and suddenly realised what she could do to ensure the future of the family’s betting business.


In 2000, Denise secured the domain With the help of a loan secured by her father against the already thriving betting shops, Denise started work on her brainchild. Within a year, she had the betting platform developed and she hired a trading team that could help out. By March 2001, Denise was ready to launch denise coates

Even though the online betting industry was fast becoming flooded by different bookmakers, was able to set themselves apart by the sheer number of markets that they covered. Whereas other bookmakers were covering the commonly known markets and sports, went the extra mile to bring its customers even the lesser known leagues. The idea behind this was that so the customer would always have something to bet on whenever they logged in. In keeping with this notion, also covered a wider variety of sports apart from the popular football and rugby.

Additionally, the platform grew in popularity because it was an already established brand within the UK market. Many of the upcoming online betting sites were being run by little known companies to some that no one had ever even heard of before they went live. Furthermore, had a physical presence in the form of the already established betting shops. bet365 logo

The Impressive Growth of

When Denise envisioned, she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that the regular gambler would soon turn to the comfort of the internet where they could bet anonymously and in the comfort of their own homes. What followed was a meteoric growth of

With increased competition from big names such as William and Ladbrokes, had to find ways to hold its own. And the answer to that threat was the introduction of additional gambling services and promotions which included:

– A variety of casino games

– Poker

– Bingo

Denise also had an eye for expansion. In 2004, decided to open its doors to wider markets by launching versions of the platform in many other foreign languages. The aim was to capture the interest and business of as much of the worldwide gambling community as possible. And with such expansion, came a need to accept different currencies and modes of payments. All this helped go worldwide.

With time, the company sold off its chain of betting shops and invested heavily in the online platform. Today, has millions of customers who flock the site to bet on a huge variety of markets at any given time of night or day. The platform has made its way into the U.S as well and even offers betting at horse racing courses.

With extensive advertising and staying true to the original model of providing clients with a wide variety of markets, has remained a force to reckon with in the online betting arena.


No Deposit Free Slot Spin Bonuses

There really has not been a better time to move your land based slot playing action online, for with there being a huge number of online casinos available you are going to be able to shop around and pick up some very generous sign up bonuses!

Many online casinos will force you to make a deposit into your newly opened casino account before they will grant you a bonus, however many casinos offer a different type of casino bonus which you are able to claim without the need to make a deposit.

As such you should be on the lookout for one of the free slot spins bonuses if you are seeking a no risk bonus but one that is offering you true value and the maximum winning opportunities. There are three different types of no deposit free slot spins bonuses that we just know you are going to find appealing, so let us now run through each of them.

No Deposit Bonuses – Some casinos will give you a small no deposit bonus when you sign up to their sites, however whilst these bonuses have no risks attached to them you will usually find the amount of free credits you can claim is nominal and you are often faced with a very low maximum cash out limit, so the amount of cash you could win with these types of bonuses is not going to be very large!BONUS_Stempel

Free Slot Spins – Another type of bonus which you may be interested in making use of is a free spins type of bonus. When you claim one of these bonuses you are credited with a set of free spins without the need to make a deposit on one of the casinos featured slot games, and any winnings you then make will, subject to the terms and conditions be yours to keep.

One Hour Free Play Bonuses – The most popular type of new player casino bonus which many slot players enjoy making use of are one hour free play bonuses. You will be given a very large amount of bonus credits when you claim these types of bonuses and have up to 60 minutes to win as much as you can with them!

One Hour No Deposit Free Slot Play Bonuses

If you do fancy giving some of the one hour free play slot bonus offers a try, then below we have listed several different online casino sites offering such a bonus. Be aware that each casino listed is fully licensed and regulated and as such you will be playing in a safe and secure playing environment.

Casino Action – You are going to be credited with a whopping 1250.00 as a new player at Casino Action and you are then going to have one hour of play time on any of their featured slot games in  the hope you can increase that starting balance by as much as you can do!

Blackjack Ballroom Casino – Another very popular online casino site at which you are going to have access to a one hour free slot play bonus is the Blackjack Ballroom Casino. By signing up today once you log into your newly opened casino account for the very first time you will be able to claim a 500.00 starting balance which you have 60 minutes to try and increase it by as much as you can do.

Captain Cooks Casino – One of the very longest established online casino sites that is worthy of your slot playing action is Captain Cooks Casino, they too are offering all newly registered players a 500.00 no deposit bonus and you are tasked with trying to increase that bonus by as much as you can within one full hour of play time.

Casino Classic – One final online casino site that is going to shower you with a huge amount of no deposit required bonus credits is Casino Classic. Register today and they will give you 60 minutes of no risk play time and a starting balance of some 500.00 and any winnings you achieve up to a certain amount will then be credited to your casino account once you make a small valued deposit.

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Wintingo – Cashback Saviors

For many years now, the online bingo circuit has been growing and improving beyond almost all recognition. It’s now established itself as one of the go-to locations in the world for effective and enjoyable bingo, as well as being a key place to get started for anyone who wants to see just how far bingo can take them in terms of performances and prizes.

Indeed, there is a huge amount of goodwill and love for the game in the UK that it speaks volumes when it comes to the community spirit – because the game is growing again in many parts of the country it brings together those who do play it in a big way.

Wintingo is a hybrid of the casino and the bingo, though, and makes an excellent place to turn to when you need a bit of inspiration and help from the world. It comes with many different kinds of bingo to try out from Samba and Electro bingo right through to excellent selections like Mega Bingo which comes with a stunning £100,000 prize if you can get it.

This alone should give you enough information and endeavor to get a few games under your belt and see what the world has to hold for you!

One of the biggest draws has been the 20% cashback that many people are beginning to benefit from with every deposit that they make. Every time that you play automatically, you will receive a cash-back award into your gaming account that can give you all he help that you need in making up those shortfalls with every deposit that you make.

Add in the fact that this website has no irritating limitations on bonuses and withdrawls and you can use this to consistently grow your monthly earnings.

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Bingo in Las Vegas?

It’s long been known as the home of gambling and gaming for anyone who wants to take things to that next level, but is Las Vegas now becoming the home of bingo as well? For many people, this massive jump has been predicated by a significant and strong growth in the online world in particular. People who would never have stepped foot in a bingo hall in the past have decided to finally take it up and see what all the fuss is about – and the interest that is generating is absolutely spreading across the US at a race many simply could not have seen coming!

This incredible new blend of growth and development across the US has seen bingo really grow as a game that people want to play more and more – so much so that we could be seeing it introduced into Nevada for the first time. Bingo halls are quite rare to find in the US as the game never really had the same grip here as it did in the vast majority of European cultures; this, though, is about to change.

If you want to play bingo in the US now you can avoid those church basements and other popular areas to get an irregular game of bingo. Now, you can take things to the next level with the likes of the Gold Coast Hotel making a significant contribution to the overall growth and development of your time here in the US. You’ll be able to take part in the brilliant bingo games that they offer, with roughly 720 seats waiting for you. So you shouldn’t have any problems with finding somewhere to sit when playing bingo!

Likewise, there has been a massive growth in the jackpots that you can get from the Las Vegas bingo scene – some people have won over $50,000 in their time in the States. The average pot is around $1,000 though, which is still a very nice amount of time! If you are intending on taking a trip to Vegas for the slots and the madness why not stop in for a game of bingo, while you are here seeing thing out?

The Power Bingo game in particular is worth trying out – with a jackpot of up to $500,000 awaiting lucky winners.

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Same Sex Bingo Stays at Isle of Wight

If you have ever spent time on the weird and wonderful world of, you will have come across some rather hilarious stories over time. Well, one of their most enjoyable recently has been the satirical story about the Isle of Wight and how they have decided to keep same-sex bingo halls. It’s something that we’ve enjoyed reading many times but today was especially enjoyable – they were using bingo as their main story, after all!

We decided to give you our own take on this hilarious piece of news…

Always seen as a rather quirky place, the Isle of Wight is known for being passionate about their bingo and their overall style in general, but they are also known to be quite “different” from the rest of the UK in terms of culture.

One thing that stands out in the main differences between mainland Britain and the Isle of Wight is the fact that same sex bingo halls are a thing. In fact, it’s the only location in the whole of Europe to offer such a ruling, making it quite unique in terms of bingo culture and the overall way that it progresses over the course of a night.

There was recently a decision to uphold this ruling as it was seen as a part of history there, and it also promoted the ability for women to get to the bingo and enjoy a night that was “safe” according to Councilor Anne Smith of Ventnor. There is a desire to retain their own cultural differences from those who don’t mind having a mixed bingo environment; for those who stay in the Isle of Wight, though, it’s not to be the case.

Speaking to a press conference, councilor Smith also noted that it was important that the cultures of “two fat ladies” were allowed to remain and that there would be no “male interference” during the game. Whilst some might not be entirely comfortable with this kind of story, if it’s how they see the bingo to be upheld there then who are we to disagree? It was a decision made by the Isle itself, after all…

f1 cars and bingo

Maldonado Bingo?

If you have ever spent any time watching the popular Formula 1 racing circuit, then you will be more than aware of the Venezuelan hotshot Pastor Maldonado. Having been involved in the F1 for many years, he’s a household name for many racing fans.

However, he’s now about to become an equally impressive name for people across the world that are taking in the wonderful game of bingo. Yes, that’s right – Pastor Maldonado is now involved with a bingo package. It’s been in development for some time and now the Brazilian is about to come into one of the most energizing and enjoyable forms of gaming that there is out there at the moment.

This outstanding new approach makes an incredible difference to the overall enjoyment and quality of the game, and really helps to bring people together. After all, what’s more enjoyable than being able to play in an F1-themed bingo style game?

It’s extremely simple to play as all you need to do is pick three options before the “race” and then watch everything unfold in front of you. You’ll then need to answer questions about what is about to come next – will he crash, continue on etc. – and then you will be awarded points for everything that you get right. However it’s not as easy as it sounds as the answers are very rarely the obvious solution, and this can make it quite hard to get those points on the board!

An unpredictable driver in his day, this carries on in the same vein and will have you guessing and clutching at straws trying to get a hold of the points that you need to win. Whilst it might not be the traditional bingo game that we are all used to, it’s a nice change of scenery and will do wonders for giving you a little bit of variety and style to the race instead of just going on with the same old, same old. You’ll find that life is much more enjoyable when you just let these odd little creations exist and give you all the fun that they possibly can!

So, if you are a fan of the F1 and indeed of Pastor Maldonado you might want to give this a shot simply by downloading it from here. It takes no time to install and will give you a chance to win!

slashed tyre

When Bingo Goes Too Far!

We all love to get into the bingo hall and have a few laughs with our friends and the local players. However, it’s a feisty and competitive game and you can find that it can get a little bit out of hand from time to time! Sometimes tempers can get frayed and when things can go that far it really does start to become a little bit questionable!

One of the most outrageous incidents, though, came at the end of May when a rather irate bingo club member decided to carry out his own brand of justice on a bingo night just got real

82-year old Fred Smith was arrested and then banned from his local bingo hall after he slashed competitors tires on her car because she refused to get out of his seat in the local bingo hall. As far as ridiculous stories regarding bingo go, this is definitely up there with some of the most bizarre that we have read along the years!

Taking an ice pick to the car tires, he made quick work of the tires and left competitor Ethel, 88, stunned. She was celebrating her birthday as well – what a horrible thing to happen on that day of all days!

Fred was eventually charged with criminal mischief, and at his age it’s not really something that you want to be getting charged with! This ridiculous story, though, is just one in a long line of scandalous bingo related incidents that have taken place in the last few years.

It would appear that with the game growing in popularity online and offline once again, the stakes are getting higher than ever – especially when people are resorting to this kind of issue because they can’t get exclusive access to their “own” specific seat.

the flag of sweden

Bingo in Sweden Takes Off

Over the last ten to fifteen years, the rise in online bingo has been absolutely astronomical. From a dying game that was going out of fashion and out of business in many places, bingo has been regenerated as a game for all generations and all kinds of different people. This massive popularity has seen it explode across the world as a new thing to play for many, and a resurrection of one of their favorite past-times for others.

Whatever the reason, though, bingo has taken off in a big way and for players in Sweden, a new bingo has arrived.

Welcome to drive-by bingo! This new form of bingo is growing all across Sweden and regularly draws large crowds of people who want to get a bit of bingo on the go. With large loudspeakers belting out the numbers and people furiously marking down their cards, bingo has taken on a whole new form in Sweden thanks to this rather interesting touch.

With prize pots spanning around the £3,000 mark, and more than 140 people turning up in their cars, it’s no surprise that this new phase of bingo has been able to become so increasingly popular in such a relatively short space of time.

The drive-in bingo has become far more popular – it’s like the movies in America except you turn up and play bingo instead! This has created a wide appeal for the same thing to be carried out elsewhere, and has helped to really establish bingo as the go-to game for many people who enjoy the thrill of gambling without the inherent severity that can come with being involved in gambling for a long period of time.

One of the most important things to remember about bingo is that it did go through a real lull towards the end of the last century – however, things like online bingo and now drive-in bingo have added a nice bit of comfort and padding for the game. This has in turn attracted a whole host of new players to the game, and ensures that success for new players can be far more attainable than it once was.

After all, the drive-in success is so popular because it’s not quite as populated as the online servers or indeed some bingo halls, so everyone has a better change of claiming a top prize and being able to get that winning feeling!