slashed tyre

When Bingo Goes Too Far!

We all love to get into the bingo hall and have a few laughs with our friends and the local players. However, it’s a feisty and competitive game and you can find that it can get a little bit out of hand from time to time! Sometimes tempers can get frayed and when things can go that far it really does start to become a little bit questionable!

One of the most outrageous incidents, though, came at the end of May when a rather irate bingo club member decided to carry out his own brand of justice on a bingo night just got real

82-year old Fred Smith was arrested and then banned from his local bingo hall after he slashed competitors tires on her car because she refused to get out of his seat in the local bingo hall. As far as ridiculous stories regarding bingo go, this is definitely up there with some of the most bizarre that we have read along the years!

Taking an ice pick to the car tires, he made quick work of the tires and left competitor Ethel, 88, stunned. She was celebrating her birthday as well – what a horrible thing to happen on that day of all days!

Fred was eventually charged with criminal mischief, and at his age it’s not really something that you want to be getting charged with! This ridiculous story, though, is just one in a long line of scandalous bingo related incidents that have taken place in the last few years.

It would appear that with the game growing in popularity online and offline once again, the stakes are getting higher than ever – especially when people are resorting to this kind of issue because they can’t get exclusive access to their “own” specific seat.