hundredth birthday

Ivy Cook’s 100th Birthday Celebrations

Bingo is a game that brings us all together, and has the capability to bring together entire communities in a night of laughter, fun and potential riches. It’s a great game that has really taken off worldwide, and it’s prominence across Europe in particular has really made a big difference to the overall standing of social games like bingo. Well, for one bingo fan there has been a little bit more excitement at her bingo hall than usual, as she was able to take part in a brilliant special game that was set up for her 100th birthday.

Ivy Clarkson

A regular visitor to the same bingo hall since 1992, turning up once a week, Ivy Cook was able to take on a big game in her honor at the local Mecca Bingo. They picked her up from her home to take her for one free game, and then gave her a nice ride back home to cap it all off. It’s always nice to hear about things like this and it does make a big difference to the overall perception of the game. It’s recognized for its friendly nature and this makes a massive difference to those who are looking to enjoy the game in all of its glory.

A 100th birthday is something to celebrate, too, and kudos to her local Mecca Bingo hall for going to all of that trouble. They even got her a specific bingo-themed birthday cake and some flowers – it was set up by the manager, Paul Hornigold, and his team at the bingo and it really has to be said that this is such a fantastic gesture.

Bingo is always producing stories that can make the heart warm, and this is no different – it’s a story everyone can love!