picture of las vegas strip

Bingo in Las Vegas?

It’s long been known as the home of gambling and gaming for anyone who wants to take things to that next level, but is Las Vegas now becoming the home of bingo as well? For many people, this massive jump has been predicated by a significant and strong growth in the online world in particular. People who would never have stepped foot in a bingo hall in the past have decided to finally take it up and see what all the fuss is about – and the interest that is generating is absolutely spreading across the US at a race many simply could not have seen coming!

This incredible new blend of growth and development across the US has seen bingo really grow as a game that people want to play more and more – so much so that we could be seeing it introduced into Nevada for the first time. Bingo halls are quite rare to find in the US as the game never really had the same grip here as it did in the vast majority of European cultures; this, though, is about to change.

If you want to play bingo in the US now you can avoid those church basements and other popular areas to get an irregular game of bingo. Now, you can take things to the next level with the likes of the Gold Coast Hotel making a significant contribution to the overall growth and development of your time here in the US. You’ll be able to take part in the brilliant bingo games that they offer, with roughly 720 seats waiting for you. So you shouldn’t have any problems with finding somewhere to sit when playing bingo!

Likewise, there has been a massive growth in the jackpots that you can get from the Las Vegas bingo scene – some people have won over $50,000 in their time in the States. The average pot is around $1,000 though, which is still a very nice amount of time! If you are intending on taking a trip to Vegas for the slots and the madness why not stop in for a game of bingo, while you are here seeing thing out?

The Power Bingo game in particular is worth trying out – with a jackpot of up to $500,000 awaiting lucky winners.