f1 cars and bingo

Maldonado Bingo?

If you have ever spent any time watching the popular Formula 1 racing circuit, then you will be more than aware of the Venezuelan hotshot Pastor Maldonado. Having been involved in the F1 for many years, he’s a household name for many racing fans.

However, he’s now about to become an equally impressive name for people across the world that are taking in the wonderful game of bingo. Yes, that’s right – Pastor Maldonado is now involved with a bingo package. It’s been in development for some time and now the Brazilian is about to come into one of the most energizing and enjoyable forms of gaming that there is out there at the moment.

This outstanding new approach makes an incredible difference to the overall enjoyment and quality of the game, and really helps to bring people together. After all, what’s more enjoyable than being able to play in an F1-themed bingo style game?

It’s extremely simple to play as all you need to do is pick three options before the “race” and then watch everything unfold in front of you. You’ll then need to answer questions about what is about to come next – will he crash, continue on etc. – and then you will be awarded points for everything that you get right. However it’s not as easy as it sounds as the answers are very rarely the obvious solution, and this can make it quite hard to get those points on the board!

An unpredictable driver in his day, this carries on in the same vein and will have you guessing and clutching at straws trying to get a hold of the points that you need to win. Whilst it might not be the traditional bingo game that we are all used to, it’s a nice change of scenery and will do wonders for giving you a little bit of variety and style to the race instead of just going on with the same old, same old. You’ll find that life is much more enjoyable when you just let these odd little creations exist and give you all the fun that they possibly can!

So, if you are a fan of the F1 and indeed of Pastor Maldonado you might want to give this a shot simply by downloading it from here. It takes no time to install and will give you a chance to win!