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Same Sex Bingo Stays at Isle of Wight

If you have ever spent time on the weird and wonderful world of newsbiscuit.com, you will have come across some rather hilarious stories over time. Well, one of their most enjoyable recently has been the satirical story about the Isle of Wight and how they have decided to keep same-sex bingo halls. It’s something that we’ve enjoyed reading many times but today was especially enjoyable – they were using bingo as their main story, after all!

We decided to give you our own take on this hilarious piece of news…

Always seen as a rather quirky place, the Isle of Wight is known for being passionate about their bingo and their overall style in general, but they are also known to be quite “different” from the rest of the UK in terms of culture.

One thing that stands out in the main differences between mainland Britain and the Isle of Wight is the fact that same sex bingo halls are a thing. In fact, it’s the only location in the whole of Europe to offer such a ruling, making it quite unique in terms of bingo culture and the overall way that it progresses over the course of a night.

There was recently a decision to uphold this ruling as it was seen as a part of history there, and it also promoted the ability for women to get to the bingo and enjoy a night that was “safe” according to Councilor Anne Smith of Ventnor. There is a desire to retain their own cultural differences from those who don’t mind having a mixed bingo environment; for those who stay in the Isle of Wight, though, it’s not to be the case.

Speaking to a press conference, councilor Smith also noted that it was important that the cultures of “two fat ladies” were allowed to remain and that there would be no “male interference” during the game. Whilst some might not be entirely comfortable with this kind of story, if it’s how they see the bingo to be upheld there then who are we to disagree? It was a decision made by the Isle itself, after all…