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Bet365 A Complete History

The internet has opened up a whole new breed of bookmakers. Bet365, however, is not a new comer in this sector. The company; one of the biggest online betting platforms, has been around since 2001. However, the History of traces back all the way to 1974. Apart from being one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK, also has the illustrious record of being one of the only platforms to have kept its headquarters within the region. Most bookmakers have moved their operations offshore.

The History of How it all began

In 1974, Peter Coates, a businessman invested in the catering industry at the time, bought several betting shops in the UK. From these purchases, Coates formed the Provincial Racing Chains. Slowly, he went on to acquire a few more shops in his journey towards fortune. Back then, there was very little in the way of evidence as to just how big would eventually turn out.

Coates gave his daughter, Denise, who was then a teenager, a chance to work as a cashier in one of his many betting shops. Denise went on to complete her degree and was later on hired by her father as the chains manager. Being an ambitious, forward thinking young woman, Denise was determined to improve the family business. As the 20th century came to a close, Denise noticed just how popular online betting was becoming and suddenly realised what she could do to ensure the future of the family’s betting business.


In 2000, Denise secured the domain With the help of a loan secured by her father against the already thriving betting shops, Denise started work on her brainchild. Within a year, she had the betting platform developed and she hired a trading team that could help out. By March 2001, Denise was ready to launch denise coates

Even though the online betting industry was fast becoming flooded by different bookmakers, was able to set themselves apart by the sheer number of markets that they covered. Whereas other bookmakers were covering the commonly known markets and sports, went the extra mile to bring its customers even the lesser known leagues. The idea behind this was that so the customer would always have something to bet on whenever they logged in. In keeping with this notion, also covered a wider variety of sports apart from the popular football and rugby.

Additionally, the platform grew in popularity because it was an already established brand within the UK market. Many of the upcoming online betting sites were being run by little known companies to some that no one had ever even heard of before they went live. Furthermore, had a physical presence in the form of the already established betting shops. bet365 logo

The Impressive Growth of

When Denise envisioned, she knew exactly what she was doing. She knew that the regular gambler would soon turn to the comfort of the internet where they could bet anonymously and in the comfort of their own homes. What followed was a meteoric growth of

With increased competition from big names such as William and Ladbrokes, had to find ways to hold its own. And the answer to that threat was the introduction of additional gambling services and promotions which included:

– A variety of casino games

– Poker

– Bingo

Denise also had an eye for expansion. In 2004, decided to open its doors to wider markets by launching versions of the platform in many other foreign languages. The aim was to capture the interest and business of as much of the worldwide gambling community as possible. And with such expansion, came a need to accept different currencies and modes of payments. All this helped go worldwide.

With time, the company sold off its chain of betting shops and invested heavily in the online platform. Today, has millions of customers who flock the site to bet on a huge variety of markets at any given time of night or day. The platform has made its way into the U.S as well and even offers betting at horse racing courses.

With extensive advertising and staying true to the original model of providing clients with a wide variety of markets, has remained a force to reckon with in the online betting arena.