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Same Sex Bingo Stays at Isle of Wight

If you have ever spent time on the weird and wonderful world of newsbiscuit.com, you will have come across some rather hilarious stories over time. Well, one of their most enjoyable recently has been the satirical story about the Isle of Wight and how they have decided to keep same-sex bingo halls. It’s something that we’ve enjoyed reading many times but today was especially enjoyable – they were using bingo as their main story, after all!

We decided to give you our own take on this hilarious piece of news…

Always seen as a rather quirky place, the Isle of Wight is known for being passionate about their bingo and their overall style in general, but they are also known to be quite “different” from the rest of the UK in terms of culture.

One thing that stands out in the main differences between mainland Britain and the Isle of Wight is the fact that same sex bingo halls are a thing. In fact, it’s the only location in the whole of Europe to offer such a ruling, making it quite unique in terms of bingo culture and the overall way that it progresses over the course of a night.

There was recently a decision to uphold this ruling as it was seen as a part of history there, and it also promoted the ability for women to get to the bingo and enjoy a night that was “safe” according to Councilor Anne Smith of Ventnor. There is a desire to retain their own cultural differences from those who don’t mind having a mixed bingo environment; for those who stay in the Isle of Wight, though, it’s not to be the case.

Speaking to a press conference, councilor Smith also noted that it was important that the cultures of “two fat ladies” were allowed to remain and that there would be no “male interference” during the game. Whilst some might not be entirely comfortable with this kind of story, if it’s how they see the bingo to be upheld there then who are we to disagree? It was a decision made by the Isle itself, after all…

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When Bingo Goes Too Far!

We all love to get into the bingo hall and have a few laughs with our friends and the local players. However, it’s a feisty and competitive game and you can find that it can get a little bit out of hand from time to time! Sometimes tempers can get frayed and when things can go that far it really does start to become a little bit questionable!

One of the most outrageous incidents, though, came at the end of May when a rather irate bingo club member decided to carry out his own brand of justice on a bingo rival.bingo night just got real

82-year old Fred Smith was arrested and then banned from his local bingo hall after he slashed competitors tires on her car because she refused to get out of his seat in the local bingo hall. As far as ridiculous stories regarding bingo go, this is definitely up there with some of the most bizarre that we have read along the years!

Taking an ice pick to the car tires, he made quick work of the tires and left competitor Ethel, 88, stunned. She was celebrating her birthday as well – what a horrible thing to happen on that day of all days!

Fred was eventually charged with criminal mischief, and at his age it’s not really something that you want to be getting charged with! This ridiculous story, though, is just one in a long line of scandalous bingo related incidents that have taken place in the last few years.

It would appear that with the game growing in popularity online and offline once again, the stakes are getting higher than ever – especially when people are resorting to this kind of issue because they can’t get exclusive access to their “own” specific seat.

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Bingo in Sweden Takes Off

Over the last ten to fifteen years, the rise in online bingo has been absolutely astronomical. From a dying game that was going out of fashion and out of business in many places, bingo has been regenerated as a game for all generations and all kinds of different people. This massive popularity has seen it explode across the world as a new thing to play for many, and a resurrection of one of their favorite past-times for others.

Whatever the reason, though, bingo has taken off in a big way and for players in Sweden, a new bingo has arrived.

Welcome to drive-by bingo! This new form of bingo is growing all across Sweden and regularly draws large crowds of people who want to get a bit of bingo on the go. With large loudspeakers belting out the numbers and people furiously marking down their cards, bingo has taken on a whole new form in Sweden thanks to this rather interesting touch.

With prize pots spanning around the £3,000 mark, and more than 140 people turning up in their cars, it’s no surprise that this new phase of bingo has been able to become so increasingly popular in such a relatively short space of time.

The drive-in bingo has become far more popular – it’s like the movies in America except you turn up and play bingo instead! This has created a wide appeal for the same thing to be carried out elsewhere, and has helped to really establish bingo as the go-to game for many people who enjoy the thrill of gambling without the inherent severity that can come with being involved in gambling for a long period of time.

One of the most important things to remember about bingo is that it did go through a real lull towards the end of the last century – however, things like online bingo and now drive-in bingo have added a nice bit of comfort and padding for the game. This has in turn attracted a whole host of new players to the game, and ensures that success for new players can be far more attainable than it once was.

After all, the drive-in success is so popular because it’s not quite as populated as the online servers or indeed some bingo halls, so everyone has a better change of claiming a top prize and being able to get that winning feeling!